Custom Wood Burning and Personalized Wood Pieces 



Turned and Burned was started by two brothers and a dream. Russ Hart has always enjoyed working with wood. Russ’ prior experience building high-end cabinets for a custom cabinet shop and his passion for working with raw green wood and old reclaimed wood (as opposed to new processed lumber) led him to turn to the lathe as the tool of choice for his creations. He has recently made the decision to pursue a full time venture in woodworking.

Jason Hart, on the other hand, had very little experience with woodworking before he picked up this hobby as a way to tune into his artistic passion. He was involved heavily in visual arts in high school but did not pursue an education/career in art after high school. He has often regretted that decision and decided that he and his brother could start this venture to possibly offer a second chance at using his creativity to make a living.



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Woodruff, South Carolina


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